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Scholarships Ė

Where To Find Them...

Your high school counselor can be a wonderful and under-utilized resource in helping you locate local scholarships.

You should also search in libraries and book stores and on the Intranet for private scholarships for which you may be eligible.

There are thousands of scholarships out there for everything you can possibly think of. First place to start is looking for scholarships related to the programs you're in. An excellent resource is . They actually have a search that you fill out a ton of questions about everything you can think of, and they give you matches for scholarships to apply to.

You can also check with your guidance office at school to see what scholarship information they have. Also, each individual school has scholarships available that you can apply for. Each school is different in what they offer, so when you start looking at schools, look at their financial aid office to see what scholarships they offer.

Counselors will constantly have new scholarship opportunities and applications coming in, if you don't find anything one week, come back next week and check.

Fact Finding
Who offers scholarships?
Everyone from schools, companies and charities to governments or private individuals.

Your starting point in a search for scholarships should begin at home with your parents. Ask whether the company or organization (even unions) in which your parents work offer any scholarships. Most companies that offer scholarships to employees or children of employees donít advertise externally. Parents could check with the human resources department for any scholarship offerings.

Are you or any members of your family veterans or children of veterans? Veteran organizations give out a fair amount of scholarships. Maybe your parents belong to a lodge or a club that has a scholarship for members or children of members. You could also inquire whether your church, sports, service group or club has any special scholarships available.

Sometimes high schools offer awards or have specific scholarships associated with them. Generally speaking, the guidance office or the principal will have information on these programs.